SHINE maybe a Noah’s Ark for Vaccines and Spiritual Protection Against the Laws of the secular world.

Shine maybe is a Noah’s Ark. We have blessed and fortunate to develop a practice model that does not thrive on disease to produce visits. We have been able to grow through the emphasis of education and prevention while also creating a patient base that comes to SHINE because the conventional model cannot meet the families needs. And even more, we have done it through the acceptance of health insurances and not requiring families to pay huge amounts out of pocket for their visits.

Where did the divide of humanity and evil take place?

The curse of Cain.  When you work the ground, it will no longer yield its crops for you. You will be a restless wanderer on the earth.  But God protected Cain and said that no one shall kill him. God put a mark on Cain.  That mark is forever seen today in those who practice a type of medicine that glorifies “disease”.

The generations from Cain were evil and did not live with God. 

The line of Seth was the promise of God.   This was the line from which Noah was born. 

The sons of God in Genesis 6 were Lucifer’s children and the sons of Cain served Lucifer.  The sons of Seth served God.  God could not have anything to do with Cain and his corruption. God had to “reset” the world through a flood. And even after the reset, Noah had a a child who walked away from God.

Genesis 9. Ham was denied the promises of Noah’s covenant and therefore Hams line became the lineage of evil.  The Hamites were evil.

Our Creator, God the Father, Christ in the Body and The Holy Spirit  that sustains the world has created an adversary to mankind calls Satan.  The Lord loves us and He wants to know that you love Him.  In our earthly relationships, it is one thing to force your child to love them but it’s another thing when you allow your child to come to their own understanding that he or she loves you.   When your child comes to their own conclusion that he or she loves you as a parent, that is love.  But to get there, there comes the adversity of life.  That adversary is Satan.   And we cannot be afraid of that adversary.  It’s going to come and it will come again and again and each time, these are the tests that the Lord will bring upon you to know that you love Him unconditional.  

As we address the concept of vaccines.  It will ultimately come as a decision that is either I serve God and His ability to create me in a way that will sustain me through all of the disease and infirmities and that God will give us His ways to help heal and restore the body to health.  Yes the Lord has given humanity ways to help care for the people that He has created.  And why? so that humanity can witness and have testimony of God’s love through people that God uses. 

So the concept of vaccines is now addressed. Some of the first principles of immunity to infection was through giving people blood from people who were infected with virus or bacteria.  


This timeline in no way is an opinion of SHINE but only to outline some of the history behind inoculation, vaccination or immunization.   The principles and ways to protect humanity from disease has evolved over time but many would say just the evolution of sanitation and hygiene has caused many illnesses that are fecal oral spread to diminish along with improved nutrition and improved levels of nutrient elements, vitamins and amino acids which are the building blocks for not just the immune system but the integrated organ systems involved in fighting infection.  

One thing is very clear, science is delving into areas of biotechnology morality and ethics that we have not seen in times past. 

The types of biotechnology being used today have the capability of over-writing or potentially altering our own DNA to become a genome that we were not born with.  If the consent of the individual is to potentially have their human genome altered, that is a moral decision that individual has made.  This risk vs benefit must be weighed against the life and death risks of contracting the infection.  Can we be changed from how God initially created us into something much more or much less?  Transhumanism.  You better read up or watch more about it. INTERVIEW WITH A PHYSICAN ON TRANSHUMANISM

The world and nature itself has been able to coexist for millennia.  Never has their been a disease that has wiped the entire population from the face of the Earth.  

If a virus or bacteria does begin to kill many people at devastatingly high rates and that includes children, then we have a disease that has very high risks and likely an infection what was made by man or woman to cause destruction and would be known a bioterroism or biowarfare.   Many would say that the Covid-19 pandemic was a planned infection to test how the world would respond to a process of an epidemic and what their mental makeup would be for a “mass vaccination” protocol.   This “plandemic” was intended for controlling factions of each country to determine how much control would they give or hold on regarding various areas of decision making from government, economy, media, education, entertainment, family structure, and religious freedoms.  As we have gotten through this first wave of the Covid-19 experience, it is likely that man and woman will develop another pandemic or plandemic to cause death to humankind. See Event 201 for the details of how John Hopkins orchestrated simulation of a pandemic.  


The intention behind these pandemics is to vaccinate the masses.  The vaccines being created have biotechnology that is not just the virus or bacteria. These pathogens are grown on human or animal culture lines that have genetic material that is foreign to our bodies.  The genetic sequences that we are exposed to through vaccines are not well understood by the manufacturers or the molecular biologist regarding the alteration of our immune systems that are outside of just the antigen given and the protection against that infection. 

Dr Deisxher for many years was one of the first molecular biologist who researched the concerns for fetal stem cells.

It  is coming to the forefront of concerned scientist with morals and ethics that the technology used can manipulate our genomes.  Hence the term “trans humanism”.   We will not go into the details of trans humanism but it is to understand that just as fruits and vegetables can be genetically modified and therefore owned by a company. So can we as human beings.  The agenda of very “evil or dark” people is to be god and control humanity.  Simply put the evil scientist you see in the movies can be a reality and it is being seen in the vaccine industry.  

So how do we combat this. Simply put that there is a belief that the way God created us is through His Holy Spirit. That spiritual makeup makes us different from any other organism on Earth.  Our DNA is uniquely made and anything that can alter, change, manipulate that DNA is against God and humanity.  

Whereas the focus of medicine is to come up with therapeutics that improve the quality of a man or woman’s life without altering the makeup that God created us.   And there is a segment of people in the world who don’t believe in God and would have no problem altering their genetic material. That is a decision so each man or woman and to the child that he or she bares.  

At Shine, we are not hear to make that decision for you.  If you want to make the decision to vaccinate, we will do it in the safest manner possible and to ensure you are made aware that continued vaccination is unsafe and if you choose to move forward for whatever reason, we will provide you the informed consent and we remove our liability from this process. 

If you choose to not vaccinate, ultimately this decision is not because you disagree with the ingredients or the potential complications or other opinions or research about the potential negative sequela post vaccination, it is now simply I believe that God created man or woman in His Image and to alter my DNA or have vectors or other animal or human DNA or RNA that can be replicated in my body is a violation of my relationship with God.