EEG To Go at Shine Richardson

Shine is proud to partner with EEG To Go to bring you state-of-the art continuous EEG monitoring in the comfort of your home. EEG to GO is accepting patients at Shine Richardson for the initial EEG hook up starting April 15th.

What is an EEG and what are the benefits?
An EEG scans for and detects absence and/or abnormal epileptiform activity. It will locate and diagnose the location of the activity, type of seizure, and frequency of discharges. As well as,
  • Determine differential diagnosis of seizure activity vs. behaviors and other mood or sleep changes
  • Evaluate efficiency of current epilepsy medication(s)
  • Evaluate cause of headaches or chronic insomnia
  • Uncover conditions that have complex effects on kids with Autism, such as Landau Kleffner, ESES, Temporal Lobe Epilepsy, and more
  • EEG to Go has found that some children with language deficits or regression are found to have left temporal discharges, and many of those kids show gains following diagnosis and treatment
  • Abnormal brain activity at night can effect daily performance, focus, mood swings, & behaviors
  • Many times the EEG reveals poor sleep hygiene, and interruption between stages, and even little to no REM sleep 
What are the benefits of an overnight EEG?
When most people hear the word “seizure,” they imagine a jerking body, stiffening of limbs, or eyes rolling. The reality is many people, especially kids with Autism, language regression and other developmental delays can suffer from “absence” seizure activity. Being that this seizure activity is generally subclinical, it often goes undetected. These events can appear as a short staring spell, sudden confusion, or a brief break in communication or activity. Most Epileptologists, Neurologists, Pediatricians, & Autism Specialists will recommend an overnight EEG which includes periods when the patient is asleep and provides the physician with a comprehensive view to make proper treatment recommendations. In addition, an EEG establishes a baseline which will aid with ongoing management with the patient. 
How is this done? 
EEG to Go’s system involves equipment using the latest in technology and software coupled with their proprietary method of professional hook up.They are able to record up to 96 hours without battery changes or maintenance. They connect 24 electrodes and wrap a thin cotton cap over the head to protect the leads, and the patient is ready to go with a small purse  or backpack which contains the recorder. Once the study is complete, the caregiver is able to remove the equipment at home and return it to Shine or via a courier service. 
EEG to go will send you home with an HD video monitor to obtain video recording of the patient’s behavior and sleep activity. 
Your child will be hooked up with the leads by the EEG to Go technician at Shine Richardson (which takes about an hour), and then you’re sent home to go through your daily routine as normal.
Do you accept insurance? 
EEG to Go is in network with Anthem BCBS, Medicare and some local HMOs. Feel free to give them a call to discuss insurance and pre-approval benefits at 949-333-1682 .
How do I get started? 
Call EEG to Go & see if your child falls into the category of needing an EEG at 949-333-1682. Then, consult your Shine Pediatrics provider! If your primary care provider or neurologist deems the EEG medically necessary, then they will order your EEG, and EEG to Go will contact you to schedule.