Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

Thank you for your interest in Hyperbaric oxygen therapy! We have our location inside the Center for Holistic Healing office. You can pre-purchase your membership here:

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Someone will be onsite at the location to get you situated and check you in

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Tell me more about oxygen therapies

What is a Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber? 


Hyperbarics is a technology in which the air pressure in the environment is increased.  

What reasons might you use HBOT?


It can improve overall health for many, but particularly people with autism spectrum disorder, owing to the potential increase in cerebral perfusion occurring during treatment.

More about how the air pressure in the chamber helps…


Remember the number 1.3 ATA. This is the atmosphere absolute and is approximately 10 feet above sea level.  At this depth of being under the water, you will experience the feeling of being in an airplane as the pressure in the cabin increases to adjust for the drop in pressure outside as you go higher in elevation.  

So our chamber is figuratively taking you down into the depths of the ocean (like a dive) for pressure.  The more pressure we apply to the body, the easier it is to release oxygen from the red blood cell so that it can be used by the tissue in the body. 

Oxygen consumes carbon chains and it increases the biochemical reactions in the body which means that vitamins, minerals and amino acids will be consumed. 

 We want you to ensure that you are supplementing with a general vitamin, mineral supplement and to increase your protein intake.   This supplementation will be temporary as you initiate and increase  biochemical reactions in the body. 

There is no magic bullet to great health. It is a journey of proper nutrition, relief and removal of toxins, keeping pH effective, minimizing telecommunication frequencies that impact blood flow, and making sure you are getting ample amounts of oxygen.  

About the appointments…

To schedule a one time appointment to determine if your special needs child can handle the environment and pressure changes, please contact our office via klara. We will schedule those as unique situations. For any parent or patient of SHINE who has no problems with being in the chamber and can handle the changes in pressure like flying in an airplane, we can schedule 20 sessions or 30 sessions. Each session is an hour long.  We encourage you to do at least 2 sessions per week but we understand that life is not always suitable to find an hour a week. It will be best to book several sessions in advance so that you can find a time slot to suit your needs. 

We have our location inside the Center for Holistic Healing office at 12800 Hillcrest Rd, a207, Dallas, Texas 75230.