Do you accept walk-in appointments?

Unlike urgent care centers or traditional pediatric practices who have open scheduling through online booking and ease of booking an appointment through a poorly coordinated front desk process, SHINE IS DIFFERENT!!! Our front desk staff have been trained to give individual appointment needs to ensure when your child is scheduled for an appointment, SHINE is prepared. A simple appointment for an ear infection is much different than a first time visit for a child with autism. Urgent cares and most pediatric practices see those two children as needing the same time for their appointments. This is part of the reason that families feel their provider has no time for their medical needs. SHINE is going to provide a unique level of service that is well coordinated and above, and beyond what current pediatric models can provide. We have many staff who are working to ensure your child is well known to the medical provider before you even set foot in our doors. SHINE has a good name in the community because we are not a fast food healthcare service. Good care requires patience and we appreciate yours!!! Walk in are not accepted but same day appointments are likely if conditions are met.