How does the Specialty Labs process work?

#1.  Your provider has ordered specialty labs that are out of network with your insurance.  Regardless of whether you have met your deductibles or not, you will have an amount to pay directly to the lab company, either Genova or Great Plains.

#2. These labs are dependent on what the patient is ingesting at the time of the test.  Some providers will want you on supplements/meds with the collection process or he/she may not want you to take any supplements.  VERIFY WITH YOUR PROVIDER.  It is important because it will affect the interpretation of the results.

#3. The Urinary Peptide test will only be accurate if you are ingesting gluten and casein for at least 2 weeks leading up to the test.  If you are gluten or casein free or both, the test should come back negative.

#4.  The video link will have the details that you can watch and help answer your questions at home about collection issues and payment issues.   It is very important you fill out the requisition form accurately.   Incorrect forms or errors will cause the lab company to not process your blood or urine.  YOUR CHILD WILL HAVE TO REPEAT THE BLOOD DRAW AND/OR URINE COLLECTION.  Do it right the first time.