How many appointments do you have for a provider in any given day?

Each provider sees all types of pediatric patients. Randy Naidoo M.D.  typically sees behavioral, chronic gastrointestinal, skin issues, endocrine problems, chronic breathing issues, allergies, neuro-sensory concerns and other chronic ailments that you feel your provider has not been able to provide a solution. Our nurse practitioners see many of our integrative behavioral and neurodevelopmental patients once they have been integrated into our system and plans have been developed.  Our nurse practitioners along with Rahima Afroza M.D. will see patients from all walks of life with all types health issues.  While Dr Naidoo has the most years of practicing integrative, our other providers have trained directly under him and through ongoing supervision and oversight. There is constant collaboration and discussion with our providers regarding your child’s care. We must be able to expand our providers abilities to see the integrative needs of our communities as one provider will not be able to shoulder this burden alone. Our providers are properly trained and tiered out for the type of appointment your child requires.  For acute sick issues that any other general pediatrician would see, those appointments are scheduled with any SHINE provider. These sick appointments will come with a balanced approach of conventional and alternative/complementary approaches. Ultimately we respect the decisions of the parent/guardian while providing our medical expertise in consultation.

What separates our office from others, is our knowledge base in therapies and management outside of the conventional pediatric recommendations when it comes to issues such as ear infections, upper respiratory issues, abdominal complaints, chronic skin conditions, and allergy conditions.

Another uique trait to our office is the front office training regarding scheduling. We pride ourselves on getting you the right appointment, with the right amount of time, proper preparation, and being fulfilled with a plan of care after that appointment. Our model is different and unique from any other pediatric practice in the metroplex.

What is most significant in our practice is our approach to nutrition and vaccines. It is difficult to go into detail about these differences until you are a part of our practice to understand how our individual approach is so different than your current experience in pediatrics.