Should I make an appointment for my child?

YOUR CHILD MUST BE SEEN IMMEDIATELY in the office or if after hours, in the urgent care or emergency room setting, if they have any of the following concerns. Please call ahead and state exactly what is occurring before just showing up in our office, that way we may be prepared. If there are instances outside of these issues (i.e. if your “mommy radar” or “instinct” has you worried), please make an appointment.

  • Persistent breathing problems over a 5-10 minute period of time
  • Sudden onset of being normal to having loud or noisy breathing (i.e. concern with swallowing an object, grunting, fast breathing without fevers)
  • Red polka dot rashes
  • Confused or disoriented state associated with times when your child is normally awake or alert, or if sleeping and you are concerned that you cannot arouse them easily
  • Any concerns for hydration due to vomiting and diarrhea occurring at the same time, or solely dry heaving due to repetitive vomiting