I have a billing question. Whom can I speak with?

If there are any questions, we first ask if you have insurance to match up your EOB (Explanation of Benefits) to our invoice that we have generated for you. Once you have your EOB, it will help to better understand what your insurance has taken care of, what deductibles or expenses are your responsibility along with what fees may be written off by your particular insurance plan, and what are covered and non-covered benefits. For non-covered benefits, our office will do our best to alert you to trends that we have seen with insurance plans, but our office is NOT RESPONSIBLE for notifying you of what benefits are covered by your insurance plan. If you feel there is a test or procedure that we are recommending for your child that you would like to inquire more about from your insurance, please feel free to do so. We will notify you if we feel that a test or procedure is required and is IMMEDIATE AND MANDATORY.

If there are any discrepancies from your Explanation of Benefits and your outstanding balance with Shine, you may contact us at 469-333-1543 and select “Billing” or message us on Klara and select “Billing” as the reason.