What is Screening and why is it necessary?

What is screening? As an integrative Pediatric practice, we want to collect as many pieces of the puzzle before the time of your appointment. Screening allows our medical assistant to gather as much information for the provider prior to the time of the appointment. 

Why is it necessary? Shine wants to hear your full story! Often times patients seek care with us because they want to address root issues or implement natural remedies. Because of this, we want you to have as much time with your Shine Provider as possible. Screening frees up your time and your provider’s time to jump straight into problem solving!

What has changed? Prior to October 1, 2021, Shine Medical Assistants would call to pre-screen for your child’s appointment. Now, all of our screening questionnaires will be sent through our Patient Communication app Klara. Click here to download. This will give you the flexibility to complete the screening process on your own time. We just ask that you complete it as least 24 hrs prior to your appointment.