Why can I not book my child’s appointment online?

Many urgent cares allow this and now more conventional health clinics are offering it as well. This has been a decision at Shine that we do not want to allow. There is more confusion and parents are disappointed by the experience when appointments are booked online. Our individual approach requires us to really understand the purpose of the appointment, what are the immediate and long term needs, has the patient been seen before and does the visit necessitate more than just a quick assessment for a simple everyday illness issue.  We have always emphasized that medicine is moving to a quick retail sale model where the consumer wants their health needs fixed now and answers are wanted immediately. The human body and DIS-EASE is not always about a diagnosis. Many times there is a story to be told, yet decisions made in our current conventional model that are based on a guideline medicine based approach do not offer the full picture. This model is too simplistic and makes the practice of medicine somewhat like the automobile manufacturing process of assembly line work; doing the mundane task over and over again. Treating a patient like a list to check off is when things are missed or the root issues are never found and/or addressed. When all well child checkups, visits for asthma, allergies, ADHD, autism, eczema, constipation, sleep problems, picky eaters are all addressed the same, this may create faster access to your provider and a sense of being cared for; but in reality, you and your child are not in any better position than when you first came in for your child’s condition.