Why does Shine Pediatrics recommend certain tests that other pediatric offices do not?

We cannot speak for other pediatric practices and the tests or recommendations that they provide. We understand when it is necessary to utilize traditional specialists for surgical issues or care regarding the heart, lungs, skin, musculoskeletal system, along with nervous system or genetic disorders, severe gastrointestinal pathology, cancer or rare blood disorders, and endocrine issues outside of routine hypothyroid concerns. Or when an ear-nose-throat specialist is needed beyond the more common need for ear tubes, tonsil or adenoid removal and any of the more rare issues that come up in pediatrics.

Our general philosophy encompasses an understanding that there are many steps that can be taken before a traditional specialist is needed. We feel that due to the current healthcare model, with emphasis on volume of patients vs. time with a patient, along with current guidelines in pediatrics which create a pharmacological response, we evaluate other treatment modalities and offer other possible interventions before a referral to a specialist. Our practice highly respects the many arenas of health that are not just conventional medical doctors like our practice.