Why is there sometimes a long wait to have my child seen for his/her first appointment?

The answer is not simple. We have an integrative medical approach. There are very few healthcare professionals who practice in this way in the metroplex. We have made it a goal of Shine Pediatrics and Wellness Center to never deny care to our children in the community. We have made it a precedent to ensure every newborn (whether born at a hospital or a birthing center) must be seen due to the age of the patient and requirements for discharge from hospitals. Therefore, the demand is very high and we are constantly making every attempt to keep up with this growing demand.

Tips that may help facilitate an easier entry into our practice:

  • For older patients who have established relationships with previous physicians, we ask that you obtain a copy of your child’s records for your own personal files along with all lab tests and imaging studies ever done.
  • Once you make a decision to transfer records, many offices will no longer see your child.  This creates issues because, though you may see your child’s issue as an urgent matter, it is more of a chronic issue that has become more severe or aggravating.  To prevent this stress on you when you schedule your first appointment, you MUST HAVE your child’s vaccine records, growth charts, any lab or imaging studies done and clinical notes from any specialist as well as a COMPLETED INTEGRATIVE MEDICAL QUESTIONNAIRE for ANY patient where the parent has chosen to transfer care due to lack of ability of another provider in being able to either remedy, treat, or lessen the symptoms of illness.  This is your responsibly as the parent to have the integrative questionnaire completed fully along with having all labs, imaging studies and consultation reports. Our office is not responsible for obtaining that information prior to your first appointment. We have many families who become frustrated with the waiting time to get into our office. We cannot change it. We understand the services we provide are unique and it’s challenging to find other pediatricians who believe in our approach and practice it as well.
  • We have tried to facilitate phone consults and quick 10-15 minute visits to help get children into our system and begin to initiate workups before our more integrative 30-minute appointments.  But in order for that to happen, YOU MUST COMPLETE THE INTEGRATIVE MEDICAL QUESTIONNAIRE.  You may obtain the Integrative Medical Questionnaire from our website (click here).
  • After completing the form, you will then email it to medicalrecords@shinepediatrics.com and allow 48 hours for us to process the form and prepare the medical recordWe can then accept your call for an appointment.

Please do not try to go around this process or make an urgent visit to discuss numerous concerns, because we will ask you to complete this form and schedule another visit.