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Scheduling & Appointments

There are several ways for new patients to integrate into our system. We want to give families the most convenient way possible to reach us (i.e. by phone, web, social media).

To become a new patient, please register online with our 2 step email process.


  1. At the bottom of our homepage, click on the link: New Patients Click Here to Register Online
  2. Once you have completed the request, you will receive an email with a link embedded to complete an online HIPPA compliant registration process through our medical record system.


We have a monthly Meet and Greet on the first Wednesday of each month at 6:30pm @ 3600 Shire Blvd Suite 110 Richardson. TX 75082.  We strongly encourage new families to attend this event to obtain a face-to-face interaction with our providers. The Meet and Greet IS NOT the venue for you to ask specific questions about your child’s condition or specific treatments. Please call the office to be added to the list for the Meet and Greet, as we have a certain number of slots available and we want to plan for your attendance.

If you are seeking more personalized responses to you or your child’s condition, please set up a 15 minute meet and greet with our front office during normal business hours. There is currently a charge: $50 for 15 minutes and $100 for 30 minutes for these face-to-face visits, and they are subject to availability.

The answer is not simple. We have an integrative medical approach. There are very few healthcare professionals who practice in this way in the metroplex. We have made it a goal of Shine Pediatrics and Wellness Center to never deny care to our children in the community. We have made it a precedent to ensure every newborn (whether born at a hospital or a birthing center) must be seen due to the age of the patient and requirements for discharge from hospitals. Therefore, the demand is very high and we are constantly making every attempt to keep up with this growing demand.

Tips that may help facilitate an easier entry into our practice:

  • For older patients who have established relationships with previous physicians, we ask that you obtain a copy of your child’s records for your own personal files along with all lab tests and imaging studies ever done.
  • Once you make a decision to transfer records, many offices will no longer see your child.  This creates issues because, though you may see your child’s issue as an urgent matter, it is more of a chronic issue that has become more severe or aggravating.  To prevent this stress on you when you schedule your first appointment, you MUST HAVE your child’s vaccine records, growth charts, any lab or imaging studies done and clinical notes from any specialist as well as a COMPLETED INTEGRATIVE MEDICAL QUESTIONNAIRE for ANY patient where the parent has chosen to transfer care due to lack of ability of another provider in being able to either remedy, treat, or lessen the symptoms of illness.  This is your responsibility as the parent to have the integrative questionnaire completed fully along with having all labs, imaging studies and consultation reports. Our office is not responsible for obtaining that information prior to your first appointment. We have many families who become frustrated with the waiting time to get into our office. We cannot change it. We understand the services we provide are unique and it’s challenging to find other pediatricians who believe in our approach and practice it as well.
  • We have tried to facilitate phone consults and quick 10-15 minute visits to help get children into our system and begin to initiate workups before our more integrative 30-minute appointments.  But in order for that to happen, YOU MUST COMPLETE THE INTEGRATIVE MEDICAL QUESTIONNAIRE.  You may obtain the Integrative Medical Questionnaire from our website (click here).
  • After completing the form, you will then email it to and allow 48 hours for us to process the form and prepare the medical recordWe can then accept your call for an appointment.

Please do not try to go around this process or make an urgent visit to discuss numerous concerns, because we will ask you to complete this form and schedule another visit.

It is a form created by our practice to help parents gather their thoughts about their child’s condition and help answer questions the parent may not even see as relevant to their child’s condition and would never even consider unless asked. If you do not complete the questionnaire, your first visit will likely be an unproductive one and/or “rushed”.  If your child has a chronic condition, the healthcare provider needs this information to make the best use of your time and theirs.

Please obtain an integrative questionnaire for your child by reading below:


We would prefer to say no. A very bothersome scenario seen many times in our office and likely others as well, is a parent filling out paperwork while in the exam room. This is PRECIOUS TIME to develop a relationship with you and your child about his/her condition, which could be lost because of poor preparation.  If you have not filled out paperwork and it is fifteen minutes past your scheduled appointment time, we will have to reschedule your appointment even if you have waited several months for your first appointment.  Parents or guardians must be prepared for their first appointment and that is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.

YOUR CHILD MUST BE SEEN IMMEDIATELY in the office or if after hours, in the urgent care or emergency room setting, if they have any of the following concerns. Please call ahead and state exactly what is occurring before just showing up in our office, that way we may be prepared. If there are instances outside of these issues (i.e. if your “mommy radar” or “instinct” has you worried), please make an appointment.

  • Persistent breathing problems over a 5-10 minute period of time
  • Sudden onset of being normal to having loud or noisy breathing (i.e. concern with swallowing an object, grunting, fast breathing without fevers)
  • Red polka dot rashes
  • Confused or disoriented state associated with times when your child is normally awake or alert, or if sleeping and you are concerned that you cannot arouse them easily
  • Any concerns for hydration due to vomiting and diarrhea occurring at the same time, or solely dry heaving due to repetitive vomiting

If your question to our medical staff can wait 48-72 hours to be answered, then you may leave a message.


Paperwork requiring completion for school, sports or other administrative tasks need to be given up to one week to allow for completion.

If it must be completed sooner, please make an appointment.

Each provider sees all types of pediatric patients. Randy Naidoo M.D.  typically sees behavioral, chronic gastrointestinal, skin issues, endocrine problems, chronic breathing issues, allergies, neuro-sensory concerns and other chronic ailments that you feel your provider has not been able to provide a solution. Our nurse practitioners see many of our integrative behavioral and neurodevelopmental patients once they have been integrated into our system and plans have been developed.  Our nurse practitioners along with Rahima Afroza M.D. will see patients from all walks of life with all types health issues.  While Dr Naidoo has the most years of practicing integrative, our other providers have trained directly under him and through ongoing supervision and oversight. There is constant collaboration and discussion with our providers regarding your child’s care. We must be able to expand our providers abilities to see the integrative needs of our communities as one provider will not be able to shoulder this burden alone. Our providers are properly trained and tiered out for the type of appointment your child requires.  For acute sick issues that any other general pediatrician would see, those appointments are scheduled with any SHINE provider. These sick appointments will come with a balanced approach of conventional and alternative/complementary approaches. Ultimately we respect the decisions of the parent/guardian while providing our medical expertise in consultation.

What separates our office from others, is our knowledge base in therapies and management outside of the conventional pediatric recommendations when it comes to issues such as ear infections, upper respiratory issues, abdominal complaints, chronic skin conditions, and allergy conditions.

Another uique trait to our office is the front office training regarding scheduling. We pride ourselves on getting you the right appointment, with the right amount of time, proper preparation, and being fulfilled with a plan of care after that appointment. Our model is different and unique from any other pediatric practice in the metroplex.

What is most significant in our practice is our approach to nutrition and vaccines. It is difficult to go into detail about these differences until you are a part of our practice to understand how our individual approach is so different than your current experience in pediatrics.

Many urgent cares allow this and now more conventional health clinics are offering it as well. This has been a decision at Shine that we do not want to allow. There is more confusion and parents are disappointed by the experience when appointments are booked online. Our individual approach requires us to really understand the purpose of the appointment, what are the immediate and long term needs, has the patient been seen before and does the visit necessitate more than just a quick assessment for a simple everyday illness issue.  We have always emphasized that medicine is moving to a quick retail sale model where the consumer wants their health needs fixed now and answers are wanted immediately. The human body and DIS-EASE is not always about a diagnosis. Many times there is a story to be told, yet decisions made in our current conventional model that are based on a guideline medicine based approach do not offer the full picture. This model is too simplistic and makes the practice of medicine somewhat like the automobile manufacturing process of assembly line work; doing the mundane task over and over again. Treating a patient like a list to check off is when things are missed or the root issues are never found and/or addressed. When all well child checkups, visits for asthma, allergies, ADHD, autism, eczema, constipation, sleep problems, picky eaters are all addressed the same, this may create faster access to your provider and a sense of being cared for; but in reality, you and your child are not in any better position than when you first came in for your child’s condition.

We accept a wide variety of health insurances. Please see the list here:

We are a very unique practice that provides services that would typically allow us to be a cash only practice and still exist in the pediatric healthcare model. However, our practice understands and empathizes with the many families who are unable to afford healthcare expenses from their personal income and how it would significantly impact their household. Shine has created an efficient model that can still exist while accepting insurance.

We here at Shine will see your child until they are removed from the parent/guardian’s insurance plan.  We will stop seeing a patient once they become self-employed, graduate from college, or become a parent themselves.  We will also transfer the care of a child to an adult provider once their disease presentation is better cared for by an adult provider. We do see patients older than 21 years old if they fulfill the criteria listed above.

We have had a few parents curious about the situation of seeing a “nurse”. A nurse practitioner is NOT just a nurse.  A nurse practitioner has gone through additional training beyond just nursing.   After a physician goes through medical school, he or she can practice medicine but they have not had any formal training in a specific field such as pediatrics, cardiology, surgery, dermatology, etc.  It takes additional training of a residency and a fellowship for some medical fields, but not pediatrics. Pediatrics requires a physician to complete medical school and a residency.

For nurse practitioners, after becoming a nurse, they then go through a clinical program. He or she must complete a master’s or doctoral degree program, and have advanced clinical training beyond their initial professional registered nurse preparation.  Didactic and clinical courses prepare nurses with specialized knowledge and clinical competency to practice in primary care, acute care and long-term health care settings. To be recognized as expert health care providers and ensure the highest quality of care, NPs undergo rigorous national certification, periodic peer review, clinical outcome evaluations, and adhere to a code for ethical practices. Self-directed continued learning and professional development is also essential to maintaining clinical competency.

Additionally to promote quality health care and improve clinical outcomes, Nurse Practitioners lead and participate in both professional and lay health care forums, conduct research and apply findings to clinical practice. Nurse practitioners are advanced practice registered nurses who provide care to patients throughout the lifespan, from premature newborns to the elderly.  They perform comprehensive and focused physical examinations, diagnose and treat common acute illnesses and injuries, provide immunizations, manage high blood pressure, diabetes, depression, and other chronic health problems, order and interpret diagnostic tests such as X-rays and EKGs, as well as laboratory tests, prescribe medications and therapies, perform procedures, and educate and counsel patients and their families regarding healthy lifestyles and health care options.

Our nurse practitioners have experience ranging from 2-18 years from their initial training.  Our nurse practitioners are better trained than most physicians in the metroplex regarding integrative holistic care for pediatrics.  If there are any concerns as a parent or even when it is from our nurse practitioners, themselves, they will seek further guidance from Randy Naidoo M.D. or Rahima Afroza M.D.

Of note, there are unique instances where the nurse practitioners may have more experience in a specific field of integrative care that even the physician may not be as comfortable due to not seeing that condition as frequently.

Our nurse practitioners manage and care for all of our allergy related patients, most of our dermatology issues, all general acute pediatric issues ranging from coughs and colds, gastrointestinal complaints, endocrine related matters, and much much more.

The main aspect that Dr. Naidoo manages more than anything else is the issues with behavior.  And as our nurse practitioners continue to care for more and more behavioral issues, they are learning the biomedical approach to addressing behavior.  Our office is going to manage behavioral and developmental concerns outside of just the traditional approach of counselors, physical, occupational, or speech therapists and even psychologists.

Again this is where our nurse practitioners will have a completely different way of caring for and managing this type of behavioral child compared to all other pediatricians in the metroplex.

If you were given a word of mouth recommendation about our practice, ask the person giving you a referral if they have seen a nurse practitioner. Some may say they have enjoyed the experience even more than with the physician. We have a great staff all the way from the front to the back, and what makes a pediatric office effective is having a proper workflow, good communication, and great personalities.  We have it all here at SHINE. The success of our practice is through proper training, support, and growth of the entire staff. The maturation of our team means we can support more and more children that need this type of care.

Unlike urgent care centers or traditional pediatric practices who have open scheduling through online booking and ease of booking an appointment through a poorly coordinated front desk process, SHINE IS DIFFERENT!!! Our front desk staff have been trained to give individual appointment needs to ensure when your child is scheduled for an appointment, SHINE is prepared. A simple appointment for an ear infection is much different than a first time visit for a child with autism. Urgent cares and most pediatric practices see those two children as needing the same time for their appointments. This is part of the reason that families feel their provider has no time for their medical needs. SHINE is going to provide a unique level of service that is well coordinated and above, and beyond what current pediatric models can provide. We have many staff who are working to ensure your child is well known to the medical provider before you even set foot in our doors. SHINE has a good name in the community because we are not a fast food healthcare service. Good care requires patience and we appreciate yours!!! Walk in are not accepted but same day appointments are likely if conditions are met.

Health Issues

In our experience, parents get overly concerned with fevers. Fever is a sign that your body is dealing with some type of infectious process whether it is something mild or something very severe. How high the fever is DOES NOT determine if the infection is severe or not.  Our office staff and providers need to know what ELSE is going on with your child other than fever. Does your child have breathing issues, poor liquid intake, unusual rashes or red polka dots on the skin, changes to urine appearance or smell, or just overall personality/demeanor changes? Our providers in the office should assess a fever lasting greater than 5 days, even if there are no other symptoms and your child looks great.

The use of Peppermint Essential Oil (2-3 drops on the soles of the feet and the spine) is an option. **It is recommended to dilute the oil with Extra Virgin Olive Oil or Coconut Oil when applying to children. Peppermint Essential Oil can have a tingling sensation on a child that they can’t explain and may cause some fussiness or crying. NOTE: It is highly recommended to wash your hands after each application, as the Peppermint Essential Oil can burn the eyes if accidental contact occurs.  Please call our office or the provider on call before applying Peppermint Essential Oil on your child.

Use of Tylenol or acetaminophen is not a common recommendation for our practice. We will use it as a last resort in infants less than 6 months old and in children depending on their response to other interventions. Acetaminophen Dosing: 15 mg per kilogram of child’s weight every 6-8 hours by mouth (example: 15lb child=6.8kg; 15mg X 6.8kg=102mg of acetaminophen; would give 100mg as the dose. Please note that most of the acetaminophen strengths should be the same (160mg/5mL), however there are some older versions with a different concentration. Please double check the bottle before administering to your child.

 Cool baths may also bring down fever along with ice packs on pressure points. These interventions may be harder to carry out on younger children.

Motrin, Advil or ibuprofen are also other common recommendations after 6 months of age. It is more common to see an allergy to ibuprofen than to acetaminophen, so we want to caution parents when using ibuprofen for the first time. Ibuprofen Dosing: 10 mg per kilogram of child’s weight every 6-8 hours by mouth (example: 22lb child=10 kg; 10mg X 10kg=100mg of ibuprofen). Please note the strength of ibuprofen you are using; the Infant and Children’s brand have different concentrations.

Please click on the following link for details.  TYLENOL AND MOTRIN DOSING


Two things to consider:

  1. Is this an acute problem (i.e. yesterday the stool was normal and today it looks like diarrhea)? Many times acute issues are linked with fever, vomiting, blood in the stool, and/or dehydration. If your acute issues are linked with the above issues, then make an appointment and have your child evaluated.
  2. Is this chronic (i.e. going on for several days to weeks)? If your acute concerns are not associated with the above, leave a message on our nurse’s line and we will get back to you.

If your child has diarrhea for longer than 2 weeks, make an appointment and we will address after examining your child if further workup is necessary.

This is one of the most common complaints in the toddler and infant period. In most instances there is no magic bullet to halt the process, and many times the conventional approaches create further problems.  It is very common when pediatricians initially start their practice in pediatrics to have to refer several patients to Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) specialists to remove tonsils, adenoids, or have tubes placed. Those surgeries are less needed as we look at our integrative model to the immune system.  Nasal saline and suctioning your child’s or infant’s nose can be very helpful in clearing nasal secretions. If symptoms are ongoing or you have any concerns, please make an appointment and have your child evaluated. If your child is having ANY breathing difficulties, take him/her to the ER or urgent care immediately.

We will discuss these types of questions in the office, so when issues arise you will have a plan.  It is at your own risk when you use natural agents or other over the counter remedies which are not our specific recommendations. We will only give recommendations about supplements, herbals, or homeopathics that we have researched and understand the safety and efficacy profile.

After much research by Dr. Naidoo and other staff members, our office feels that in the APPROPRIATE situations, the essential oils may have a much higher benefit to supporting the body’s ability to heal than the use of over the counter medications, and even in some instances, prescriptions. Most medications, whether by prescription or over the counter, contain many synthetic or inert ingredients that have no value to the body, and are actually considered waste that the body must rid. When you have a child whose genetic makeup does not allow their bodies to rid medications effectively, these inert or synthetic ingredients can have negative effects on their health. In these instances, the essential oils can provide non-synthetic, natural agents that actually provide fuel and energy to support healing and wellness. Just as with medications, in some instances, a patient may exhibit a contact irritation with the skin. Again, use of the essential oils in the manner that we recommend typically does not cause any unwarranted side effects. If you decide to use the essential oils in a manner in which we have not recommended, side effects or other problems could occur. There is significant research regarding the benefits of the use of pure essential oils from numerous amounts of research on PubMed and other leading journals. We must remember that many of our pharmaceutical grade therapies were developed from the research on the plants used in essential oils. The essential oils do exert an effect on the body.

This is a very common question around the 4-6 month period, and can be an issue through the first couple years of life. Over the counter, homeopathic teething tablets that dissolve, amber teething necklaces, Motrin (ibuprofen) as needed over the age of 6 months, cold teething rings, and Clove essential oil (diluted and please discuss brands with us before using clove) are all common remedies to alleviate teething symptoms.

This is a very common complaint in our patient population. We can discuss with you by appointment for chronic issues ongoing for over 2 weeks. If it is an issue that started in the past week, and there is NO VOMITING, you may call our nurse line and leave a message for a recommendation. Oftentimes, this is a dietary related issue. Please feel free to make an appointment to discuss face to face.

We feel that nursing is one of the most critical aspects of the first year of life. We will do everything we can to motivate and assist our mothers to be successful at nursing. Unlike many other offices, we will ensure that before making any recommendations about supplementation with formula or donor breast milk, we will assess the child’s weight and hydration status. Weight loss is common in the newborn period and our office does not become anxious when we see these issues. We will need your infant to be seen more frequently and possibly have you work with a lactation consultant to ensure the infant is getting their nutritional needs met. We must also remember that some infants have other diseases or health concerns that does not allow them to nurse successfully, and it’s not the fault of the mother. It’s often the child who does not have the tools to be successful.

We want to keep your life simple as a parent with an infant. We have several mothers with careers outside the home and very busy lives that do not allow them to be with their little ones full time. It is understandable that in certain situations, formula is necessary. We want your child to thrive, and we will assist you in choosing the best formula for your infant. We also have homemade formula options, which have been approved by our practice and an independent nutritionist, to ensure that we are providing the infant with the proper nutrition. If you have questions about formulas for your infant and are a current patient of the practice, please make an appointment to discuss with one of our providers.

Please click on the following link for details:  BENADRYL DOSING

After Hours, Consultations & Referrals

We cannot speak for other pediatric practices and the tests or recommendations that they provide. We understand when it is necessary to utilize traditional specialists for surgical issues or care regarding the heart, lungs, skin, musculoskeletal system, along with nervous system or genetic disorders, severe gastrointestinal pathology, cancer or rare blood disorders, and endocrine issues outside of routine hypothyroid concerns. Or when an ear-nose-throat specialist is needed beyond the more common need for ear tubes, tonsil or adenoid removal and any of the more rare issues that come up in pediatrics.

Our general philosophy encompasses an understanding that there are many steps that can be taken before a traditional specialist is needed. We feel that due to the current healthcare model, with emphasis on volume of patients vs. time with a patient, along with current guidelines in pediatrics which create a pharmacological response, we evaluate other treatment modalities and offer other possible interventions before a referral to a specialist. Our practice highly respects the many arenas of health that are not just conventional medical doctors like our practice.

We need your specialist’s full name as it appears on your insurance plan along with their address, phone number and fax number.

If you require a referral for Speech, Occupational or Physical Therapy, most therapists will send us an order form requesting a signature from our provider and other necessary medical information. Please do not call or leave a message regarding needing a referral if the request has already been done by your therapist.

For referrals to specialists, if our providers have not seen your child for this condition or you have been asked by a provider to be seen for the referral to be made, call our office and make an appointment and specifically mention your need for a referral appointment.  If it is a condition we have seen your child for and the condition is not improving or you are looking for another opinion, we will gladly put in a referral for you.

Please allow up to 72 hours for referrals to be completed.

Many complex health related questions will require an appointment to provide the optimal time to review your question. If your questions are answered completely by our medical technicians or LVN, then there will be no charge. If your concerns/questions require a providers expertise, there is potential you could incur up to a $35 fee.

Urgent medical matters can be handled by one of the several urgent care centers in the metroplex.  Medical City Children’s Urgent Care (formerly, Acute Kids Urgent Care), Pediatric After-Hours, NiteHawk Pediatrics Urgent Care, Urgent Care for Kids, Pediatric Urgent Care, and Cook Children’s Urgent Care are staffed by Board Certified Pediatricians. Should you have concerns about the medical advice given or the assessment, please contact a provider through 469-333-1KID to address those concerns.

Please note that you always have the ability to contact a SHINE medical provider after hours for medical advice.  We may have different recommendations from urgent care centers regarding non-critical care as we are an integrative pediatric practice. Phone calls after office hours will have a $60 charge. Phone calls related to ongoing medical care regarding that day’s care of your child in the office or by phone will not be assessed a charge.

List of Urgent Care Centers:








If there are other pediatric urgent facilities NOT listed, please notify our office.

Hospital Care & Newborn Privileges

Dr. Naidoo will see newborns at Texas Health Resources Plano (formerly known as Plano Presbyterian) and Baylor Medical Center of Frisco.

Dr. Naidoo will, from time to time, admit older pediatric patients to THR Plano since they also have an inpatient pediatric unit. These instances are few and are when the patient does not require complex medical decision making that necessitates on-site supervision by MDs or DOs. Patients admitted to THR Plano have a solid diagnosis in place, without much fluctuation in health status.

We encourage families to utilize Children’s Medical Center Dallas and Plano campuses along with Medical City Dallas. These facilities specialize in children and the complexities of their healthcare needs. Dr. Naidoo does not have privileges at these locations, but the hospitals do keep us up to date on the plan of care and do communicate with Dr. Naidoo.

Call 911. They will take your child to the nearest ER to stabilize the patient and then will likely transfer your child to a pediatric specialty hospital.

NOTIFICATION: The responses to these frequently asked questions are only general recommendations and are intended solely for patients of Shine Pediatrics and Wellness Center, P.A.  They should not be used as a substitute for consulting your own medical physician.

Billing & Insurance

If there are any questions, we first ask if you have insurance to match up your EOB (Explanation of Benefits) to our invoice that we have generated for you. Once you have your EOB, it will help to better understand what your insurance has taken care of, what deductibles or expenses are your responsibility along with what fees may be written off by your particular insurance plan, and what are covered and non-covered benefits. For non-covered benefits, our office will do our best to alert you to trends that we have seen with insurance plans, but our office is NOT RESPONSIBLE for notifying you of what benefits are covered by your insurance plan. If you feel there is a test or procedure that we are recommending for your child that you would like to inquire more about from your insurance, please feel free to do so. We will notify you if we feel that a test or procedure is required and is IMMEDIATE AND MANDATORY.

If there are any discrepancies from your Explanation of Benefits and your outstanding balance with Shine, you may contact us at 469-333-1543 and select “Billing” or message us on Klara and select “Billing” as the reason.


We see several families in our practice without insurance coverage or who have Medicaid but have ability to self-pay. We do not deny care to anyone. Please remember, if your insurance plan is not in our network or you are a self-pay or cash-pay patient, we have a fee schedule that is reasonably priced and affordable for most families. Most self-pay patients will have an average bill in the $95-$180 range. This price does not include any specialized testing done with laboratories such as Genova, Great Plains, Cyrex or other specialty labs and also for labs such as Quest, CPL, or LabCorp.

For any specialty labs, we will ensure you are aware of the pricing before we draw any blood or have you submit any specimens.

Please click on Pay My Bill at the top of the homepage.

You may pay your bill one of two ways, through the patient portal or by visiting the home page of our website and click on Pay My Bill on the right side of the page .

Our office is not a Medicaid participant nor are we apart of the Texas Vaccines for Children Program.  With that being the case, we do not get vaccines at a discounted rate. We have to pay the full price for vaccines from pharmaceutical vendors.  You will pay more for vaccines in our office if you are self-pay, non-insurance patient.

If you do not have insurance and want vaccines, please let us know and we can print out which vaccines we recommend.  We will select the vaccines that have the least aluminum and other inert ingredients.  When you decide to go elsewhere for vaccines due to cost, you may not be able to receive the same type of vaccine that we provide in the office.If you have further questions, please speak with your provider during your visit.

For a list of insurances accepted at Shine Pediatrics and Wellness Center, please click link below:


We accept a wide variety of health insurances. Please see the list here:

We are a very unique practice that provides services that would typically allow us to be a cash only practice and still exist in the pediatric healthcare model. However, our practice understands and empathizes with the many families who are unable to afford healthcare expenses from their personal income and how it would significantly impact their household. Shine has created an efficient model that can still exist while accepting insurance.

Patient Portal

During any visit to our office, we will record weight.  We also record height at wellness visits.  At any time as a parent, you may view your child’s growth chart on the patient portal.   If your child is 2 years and younger, you will use the 0-24 months height and weight curve and head size.   If your child is older than 2 years old, you will click on the 2-20 years old growth chart.  Growth charts are selected by male or female.  You may also just want to look at the numbers and not look a curve.   We hope this video helps.  


Please click on the link below to watch this video on accessing your child’s lab results.

There are two places to view labs. Quest, Lab Corp, CPL results will be viewed in one section of the portal and specialty labs will be viewed in another section of the portal. Please pay attention to these differences on the video.


After a visit in the office or a phone consult, what did the doctor or NP/PA tell me to do?  Please click on this how to video for viewing care plans.


All vaccines given at our office will be in the immunization section history of the patient portal.

If your child has had vaccines given at another office and those vaccines are not apart of the SHINE record, you may also look in the document section of the patient portal and see if there are records titled. If you are still having problems, please call our office. 


These medications are prescribed and sent to a pharmacy.   Any herbal remedies, homeopathics, nutritional supplements or even some compounding pharmacy scripts may not be found in this section.

Please call our office if you are needing assistance with these alternative forms of therapy for documentation.


Simple way to find this out without having to wait for a call back or wait for someone on the phone.


Medical Records

As always, it is an honor to have your trust in providing care to your child. We write to advise, effective Friday, July 5, 2019, Shine will transition to its Richardson, Texas location ( 3600 Shire Blvd, Suite 110, Richardson, Texas, 75082 –  469-333-1543). We apologize in advance for any inconvenience; however, we will no longer be accepting appointments in our Frisco, Texas location and our last day of appointments will be July 26. Please be advised that your child’s medical records remain secure and available to you as they remain accessible at our Richardson, Texas location. Should you choose to transition to another provider you may visit our website to request your child’s medical records through the Contact Us tab or call the office to request a hard copy of your medical records which will have a fee of $25.

Again, thank you for your trust in our practice and we look forward to seeing you at your next appointment.


Randy Naidoo M.D., ABIHM, FAAP  and the SHINE Pediatric and Wellness P.A. Family

Request online or by calling our office. Here is a video on the use of your patient portal to download important labs, radiology studies, clinical notes, immunizations given in our office along with vaccine records you have provided us from different offices. and several other aspects to the medical record.


If you would like our office to download a physical copy of your medical records, there will be a fee of $25 for each child.

Office Policies


To register as a new patient, you will need to register each child separately in the family.  They will have their own individual patient portal account, which can later be merged under one login.

After registration, patient portal services are available online and include: encrypted (HIPPA compliant) lab information at your fingertips, the ability to change demographic information and insurance information online, upload/update medication information, access vaccine records, email correspondence, provide current health history before the appointment, and access pertinent medical documents.


Electronic Communication via email THROUGH THE PATIENT PORTAL:
The patient portal provided allows you to communicate with our staff to quickly determine your needs and respond appropriately.

  • DO NOT USE email request for urgent appointments.
  • DO NOT USE email for URGENT matters needing a same day response.

*USE email ONLY for:

  1. Non-urgent matters
  2. Administrative issues
  3. Recent clinic visits that you may have a question about plan of care
  4. Lab result requests or to have your child’s results attached to the patient portal
  5. Copies of vaccine records or school notes
  6. Billing questions or concerns
  7. For your information: the patient portal is NOT ABLE TO ATTACH DOCUMENTS through the patient portal.


We appreciate and expect that you will treat our staff and healthcare providers with courtesy and respect. We reserve the right to dismiss you from the practice for non-compliance of this policy.

We are a busy practice with complex patients and complex medical histories. We expect you to be prepared at the time of your visit. Any documents that require the healthcare provider’s signature, we ask that you either submit those PRIOR to your visit or bring them with you at the time of your visit.

PLEASE NOTE: If your child has seen a specialist, has been prescribed medications for chronic conditions, required surgeries, is being seen in our office due to a chronic or ongoing medical issue for the first time or our front desk asks you to complete the questionnaire, please complete this questionnaire PRIOR to your visit. This will allow your first visit to be high quality, efficient, and rewarding.


We accept most major insurance plans; however, this does come with certain limitations. For example, we must physically see your child in order to prescribe medications or make diagnoses. Please be sure to bring your insurance card with you and to alert the practice of any changes in your insurance status or mailing address. Please note, high deductible insurance or limited coverage policies means the financial guarantor of the patient is responsible for any balance not covered by insurance. Some full coverage policies will not cover all lab costs or office visits. This will be the responsibility of the financial guarantor.

It is the responsibility of the patient/parent to ensure that Randy Naidoo M.D. is a participating provider for their insurance plan. If Randy Naidoo M.D. or Rahima Afroza M.D. at 3600 Shire Blvd., Suite 110, Richardson, TX 75082 is not a participating provider for your particular plan, you may still select our office for your medical care, but “out of network” benefits will apply. In that case, patients will be responsible for the full cost of their visit on the day of service and can submit a receipt for reimbursement to their insurance plan. It is not Shine’s responsibility to know or advise you on your insurance benefits. Patients/parents with questions about their coverage should contact their particular insurance carrier’s customer service representatives. Dr. Naidoo has practiced or practices at other locations that are not affiliated with Shine Pediatrics and Wellness Center, PA. Therefore, providing the address to the insurance company will ensure no mistakes in proper coverage for your visit. Additionally, we do accept cash pay clients into the practice.

If you are utilizing Shine Pediatrics and Wellness Center, PA for your child’s preventative care and you also have another provider that your child sees, you will need to ensure that your visit with Shine Pediatrics and Wellness Center, PA is a covered benefit prior to your visit.


Shine Pediatrics and Wellness Center, PA can accept cash, checks or credit card payments (Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express) for your convenience. Patients are required to pay the full amount of their co-pay, co-insurance, or deductible fees for their visit at the time of the visit. It is understood, and agreed, that if an outstanding balance is not paid by your insurance company, the financial guarantor is personally responsible for the payment of all charges due.

Checks can be written to Shine Pediatrics and Wellness Center, PA at the time of the visit. In the event of a returned check, there will be a $35 dollar non-refundable fee in addition to the amount originally owed.

Medical Records are available on the patient portal for free, but requests for a hard copy will be charged a $25 fee.


Please note that you always have the ability to contact a SHINE medical professional after hours for medical advice regarding non-critical care. Phone calls after office hours will have a $25 charge from 5pm-10pm and a $60 charge from 10pm-9am. Phone calls related to ongoing medical care regarding that day’s care of your child in the office or by phone will not be assessed a charge.

Additionally, there will be a $25 charge for any phone calls during the day that require a nurse practitioner or physician to review the patient’s chart before replying back to a request from the parent through our nurse’s triage line. This also involves any rashes where pictures are required for the provider to review and phone calls that require a nurse practitioner or physician to spend extensive time reviewing the chart or making detailed recommendations.


Please call if you are running late to your scheduled appointment. If you are more than 15 minutes late for your appointment, we may ask you to reschedule for another time.


Your appointment time is reserved especially for your child. A missed appointment leaves an empty slot that could have been used by a patient in need of medical care. Not cancelling an appointment in a timely fashion is unfair to other patients. Therefore, we request that patients who are unable to keep their scheduled appointments notify us at least 24 hours in advance, so the time might be made available for another patient.

For established patients, a missed appointment will be rescheduled upon request. A second missed appointment within 12 months will result in a $35 no show fee, which is not covered by insurance. Three missed appointments for each respective child in a family within 12 months may result in dismissal of that individual from our practice.


If your child’s visit to Shine Pediatrics and Wellness Center, PA is scheduled as a Well Check-up visit, that visit needs to be focused on child development, readiness or performance in school, screening measures for hearing and vision if appropriate, as well as various other tools and measures depending on your child’s age. If your child is sick, dealing with chronic medical conditions, requesting blood work or further workup for a chronic disease (i.e. autism, neurosensory issues, allergies, asthma, eczema, ADHD, nutritional concerns, significant concerns with development regarding unintended weight loss or gain, endocrine dysfunction, etc.), it is at the provider’s DISCRETION if your child can be seen for that additional complaint in the allotted time for a Well Check-up visit. If your child is seen for these other complaints, your insurance may be billed for TWO services at that preventative visit, which may cause lack of coverage and responsibility of payment by the financial guarantor. PLEASE BE AWARE OF THIS SITUATION, and if possible, schedule a subsequent visit to be respectful of the provider’s time and other patients who will be seen following your appointment. Thank you for your understanding in this matter.


Insurance coverage stipulates the patient must be in attendance for coverage to incur. When a parent would like to schedule a visit WITH A PROVIDER to review labs, discuss any health care concerns, vaccine discussions, or any other matter that does not require the patient to be in attendance, there will be a fee of $50 for 15 minutes and $100 for 30 minutes for the provider’s one-on-one time.


All prescription refills should be requested during regular office hours. Please have the pharmacy address and telephone number available when calling for the request. Any ADD/ADHD medications that require an in-office pick-up, require a 72-hour notice and will NOT be available for same day pick-up. Controlled Substance Requests for refills will be charged a $10 service fee for any changes that have to be made after the initial prescription has been written due to insurance coverage or other reasons for changes. Please make sure you are clear on your insurance coverage regarding type of medication coverage, 1-month vs. 3-month supply, and whether you are doing a mail-in-order program. Those concerns are not the responsibility of Shine Pediatrics and Wellness Center, PA.

Please call for refills a few days before your prescription runs out rather than waiting until the last moment. Routine prescription refills will generally be phoned in within 48 hours. The medical provider will not routinely prescribe antibiotics over the telephone without recent examination; this will ensure that your child receives the appropriate medication for his/her condition.


We try to do our best to establish total cost of lab testing in advance, however costs are an estimate and can vary depending on the type of testing completed and insurance coverage. Parents are responsible for all lab fees if insurance does not cover or does not apply the balance to the deductible. It is highly recommended that patients/parents check with their insurance to see if lab tests are a covered benefit. Most ROUTINE lab tests are covered, but some SPECIALTY labs are not covered and will require some out of pocket expense.

Lab results will need to be discussed in the office with the provider. The parent and child shall be present at the visit. In the event of NORMAL lab values, a follow-up visit is not required and the results will be available online via the patient portal.

We have specific charges for lab tests for self-pay patients. If you choose to have lab tests submitted through your insurance or use a different lab facility, your cost could be higher due to deductibles not being met or due to tests being a non-covered benefit under your plan.


Randy Naidoo M.D. and Rahima Afroza M.D. have hospital privileges at Baylor Medical Center at Frisco and Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Plano for newborn infant care and non-complex, inpatient care. In the event that a patient requires admission to a hospital for a complex issue requiring continuous observation and care, patients will be admitted to a free-standing pediatric medical facility under the direction of pediatric hospitalists. Dr. Naidoo will work closely with these hospitals to coordinate your child’s care, but is not involved in the decision-making for your child’s day-to-day care.


In the event of a serious emergency, you should go immediately to the nearest hospital emergency room or call 911. Should your child have an urgent matter, we will do our best to respond to your issue promptly. In a less serious situation that needs to be addressed, you may call the office and you will be contacted as soon as possible. If you have any doubt about the seriousness of the emergency, it is best to go directly to the emergency room.


A physician may terminate a relationship with a patient at any time by giving 30 days’ notice during which the physician is responsible only for responding to urgent medical matters. Dr. Naidoo will reserve this action for patients who demonstrate a lack of respect for themselves and the practice by repeatedly missing appointments, failing to pay their bills, disregarding the stated policies of the practice, or acting in a way that is deceptive, dishonest or abusive.

We are all working to a common goal of caring for your family and encouraging them to be healthy…so they can SHINE!!!!

#1.  Your provider has ordered specialty labs that are out of network with your insurance.  Regardless of whether you have met your deductibles or not, you will have an amount to pay directly to the lab company, either Genova or Great Plains.

#2. These labs are dependent on what the patient is ingesting at the time of the test.  Some providers will want you on supplements/meds with the collection process or he/she may not want you to take any supplements.  VERIFY WITH YOUR PROVIDER.  It is important because it will affect the interpretation of the results.

#3. The Urinary Peptide test will only be accurate if you are ingesting gluten and casein for at least 2 weeks leading up to the test.  If you are gluten or casein free or both, the test should come back negative.

#4.  The video link will have the details that you can watch and help answer your questions at home about collection issues and payment issues.   It is very important you fill out the requisition form accurately.   Incorrect forms or errors will cause the lab company to not process your blood or urine.  YOUR CHILD WILL HAVE TO REPEAT THE BLOOD DRAW AND/OR URINE COLLECTION.  Do it right the first time. 



If you have been seen in the last year for your child’s Well Child Check and are needing a basic health form filled out, you may email it to and we will get it back to you within 7-10 business days. If your child is due for their Well Child Check, please call the office to schedule and bring your forms with you to the appointment. If you need a form filled out with medical diagnosis or medication information and have been seen by a provider for these issues in the last 6 months, you may send a patient portal message to that provider. If more information is needed, you may be asked to schedule an appointment.