The Max Pulse device was purchased around 2014-2015, and at that time, the device was destined to be utilized for our older teenager, young adult population. If they had any sort of cholesterol or triglyceride concerns or family history of cardiovascular health, like an early heart attack in a family member or sudden cardiac event..  Even concerns such as high cholesterol or triglycerides or any condition that would cause narrowing of the arteries

Proactice approach in pediatrics to vascular health

The principle behind the covid vaccine, or  behind the max pulse device, the principle is to look at narrowing of the arteries. So if your arteries are narrow, you will not get good blood flow to various different cellular components of our various tissues. So if you do not get good oxygen blood flow to those different areas, you hence don’t get good oxygen to those areas.  Oxygen must be carried by the red blood cell to the smallest most microsized vessels in the capillaries for oxygen carbon dioxide exchange. 

If you can think about your blood vessels as becoming so tiny that they have the size of something smaller than a thread which would be 5 to 10 micrometers in diameter.  When these vessels get occluded or narrowed you do not get  optimal blood flow and hence abnormal oxygenation. And if you don’t get oxygenation then those tissues die. And we know that in Alzheimer’s disease or any kind of dysfunction of the brain, one of the early factors is poor blood flow. This is the same with peripheral vascular disease or coronary artery disease or cerebrovascular disease or even for any vasculitic process of the arteries

And when you don’t get the blood flow again, those tissues die. And when those tissues die, those brain cells die. And when those brain cells die, you make bad decisions. You may be sad, you may get angry, you may forget things. Uh, you may not know where you are. You may not remember someone’s name. You may forget things. So there is so much collateral damage to the brain when you do not have good blood flow.

We just reference brain tissue but this will happen to other tissues of the body such as muscle tissue, pulmonary tissue, gastrointestinal, skin, etc.    

But then you also get collateral damage to other parts of the body when you do not get good blood flow. You may have muscle cramping. You may have spasms in your legs or in your arms. You may have weakness with your grip, with walking, or you may not be able to run as far as you could in the past. These are all things that can be the sequela of poor blood flow and hence the max pulse device.

Blood flow is critical and oxygen is the endpoint. 

What we have seen over the past year with assessing those individuals who have gotten the Covid vaccine is that they are showing, and it’s not in all cases, but we would probably say 70 to 80% of cases that there is aging or premature narrowing of the arteries.

We do not want to wait for the Covid vaccine to do the max pulse device but we would like to get the Max Pulse done on every patient in the practice just for a baseline, just like we would with an EKG. If we were able to get a baseline on all of our children by the time they were a pre-teen, potentially late elementary age, we would know what their vessel capability, how open the blood vessels are.   

Why do we want that? Because should it be covid that they contract, should it be any infection that they contract or even presentation that may show some evidence of poor blood flow, we can recheck the patient’s arterial health with  the Max Pulse device and if we recheck it, we see their arterial health looks good, then that’s a patient that we do not really need to force the issue on improving  better blood flow through decreasing viscosity and adding in hyperbaric oxygen. 

Why hyperbaric oxygen and the chamber?

Chamber @ SHINE and for rent/own in your own residence

But if your Max Pulse shows vascular aging and you look like a 40 or a 50 year old, you have to get into the hyperbaric chamber because there is no other way to improve oxygenation to the tissue. You could increase you oxygen intake by having oxygen tank at home but most medical oxygen companies are not going to approve an oxygen tank for this type of health issue.   An oxygen compressor would be of benefit. 

If you don’t have good blood flow, you have to get oxygen off the red blood cell and into those very, very tight areas where the blood can not travel and revitalize the tissue that is dying. So that’s the relevance and the importance of the Max Pulse device.


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