Mar 13, 2023

Category: Philosophy

We have to be unashamed as a corporate entity about where we stand with humanity.  The past decade for SHINE, but most clearly over the past 3 years of COVID and even earlier for those who are prophetic about world events, God is moving out of businesses and the personal lives of many. Without God as our moral compass, the disease of the body, soul and spirit fill that gap.  

We have seen the crossroads of disease intersecting with the capacity of medical delivery and innovation. This crossroads is not a good one.  For any amazing feats or endeavors of medicine in the past century, we are now seeing younger generations with more disease and shorter life spans then 20-30 years ago. 

You can walk into any childcare center or elementary school or junior high to high school and even college. It is clear, the minds and body of our future generations are not good. 

The tipping point of frustration, anger, dishonesty, fraud, and the list goes on of the many family stories have been shared in our exam room with providers.  It can be emotional to hear those stories, but as the years have passed with SHINE, it has become ever so clear that SHINE has taken the right path at the crossroads when we opened in 2012.  SHINE took the path of our bodies being designed and created by God. Our human bodies have many self-healing mechanisms that the conventional medical model many times does not give credence.

SHINE may not have all the answers for every single health concern, but SHINE is a place of protection of the human spirit and condition.   SHINE will always take God’s design of the human condition and attempt to work with this design instead of giving medication after referral after numerous interventions and so on, to keep the human design from getting back to the homeostasis that God created in us. 

The human condition is phenomenally made with its numerous feedback loops and multiple networks of communication that occur instantaneously.  There will never be a machine designed by man that will operate like our bodies. 

We must learn as healers to have the wisdom and humility to learn when to be hands off and when to intervene.  We must be confident and willing to ask parents hard questions about what they are doing that is causing the child’s design to not get back to homeostasis?  Are there nutritional issues, stress in the home, environment chaos, psychological stress, etc that is more the issue than what any medication can solve. 

Medication, surgeries, medical devices, referral to specialists,  while they are done in many physician offices, this may not always be helpful and could create more chaos to the way God designed us. 

So our question to you, what is God saying to you as the protector and nurturer of your child? What is your role in the disease or health issues of your child?Is it a simple answer such as I’m overextending my family, we don’t eat well, we don’t get enough sleep, our family is not connected, our family uses too much technology? 

We can’t answer those for you but we can ask the question, but even then, only you know your family’s bandwidth. 

SHINE will continue to be that place of REFUGE & LIGHT as we try to work from God’s compass and not try to be God. 1C3S