Shine’s Team of Providers

Aug 31, 2022

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About Our Shine Providers

Shine Pediatrics has a wide variety of Providers, and we want to you to know the benefits of it.

We love collaboration at Shine.

Our experience and skilled group of Shine Providers come from a variety of educational backgrounds. We have MD, DO, NP, and PAs! Keep reading for why we love them all.

So, what is the difference between a MD, DO, NP, and PA at Shine?

At Shine we deeply value the collaboration and meeting of minds as one of the most effective approaches to patient care. When multiple minds can tackle a case from a variety of perspectives, you’ll find patient care is at its finest.

We’re fortunate to have a wide variety of Medical Providers: MD, DO, PA, & NP. Our physicians (MD & DO) and advanced practice practitioners (PA & NP) see integrative, complex patients as well as routine Pediatric visits. Our physicians and advanced practice practitioners alike have been trained at Shine with the Shine Standard of Patient Care. At Shine we’re fortunate to have physicians who have chosen the integrative, functional approach which is a rarity. Our physicians see routine visits, but their schedules are largely reserved for our most complex cases.

Dr. Naidoo, our CEO & Founder, has full confidence that our healthy Shine kiddos are cared for with excellence by any and all of our Shine team of providers. If you’re asking yourself why it’s so hard to get an appointment with him or our other physicians, it’s because their schedules are reserved for our most complex, integrative patients. Dr. Naidoo and our lead provider have trained our providers with the Shine Standard and Philosophy. So, whoever you see, you can rest assured that you are in good hands with our Shine Providers.

In addition to our wonderful team of providers, our front office team has been trained to ensure that our patients’ needs are matched with the most effective provider for their family. There are some health issues that any provider at Shine can treat, but other conditions where one provider is more experienced than the other. This is why we have a team with a wealth of experience in different areas. We have a tiered approach to addressing our patients’ medical conditions. For many of our patients born into the Shine model, or started at a young age, the Shine approach creates an environment for the most healthy child with the fullness of vitality. We are also equipped to recognize that if your child’s health trajectory veers off the right path, then we’ll partner you with the right provider to direct your child’s care. If you’ve ever walked by Shine Richardson’s Nurse/Provider station, you’ve seen the collaboration in action. Not only is the collaboration in person, but we’ve learned to maximize use of Klara and our EMR system to digitally collaborate provider-to-provider and location-to-location.

In the world of healthcare, we’re seeing a shift of advanced practice practitioners moving into functional medicine, and it’s opening up opportunities for your children to experience a better way of care. However, there’s a massive shortage of physicians practicing functional medicine. Advanced practice practitioners are required to have a supervising physician as they practice, yet many of the supervising physicians don’t have experience in integrative, functional medicine. This can be a limiting factor in your child’s care at these practices, especially if the condition becomes increasingly complex. At Shine, we have advanced practice providers who are extremely competent and knowledgeable about integrative medicine, and they have physicians whom they can easily communicate with the most challenging of healthcare needs of their patients. Our providers meet monthly for further education and collaboration on functional and alternative modalities of care for our patients. While we like to keep as much in-house as possible, we can tap into our robust referral network in the alternative and complementary medicine when needed.

So, when you choose SHINE, you’re choosing a practice that values physician/practitioner collaboration with your child’s health as our number one priority. You can read our provider’s bios here.