Aug 31, 2022
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We have to be unashamed as a corporate entity about where we stand with humanity. The past decade for SHINE, but […]
The Max Pulse device was purchased around 2014-2015, and at that time, the device was destined to be utilized for […]
March at Shine Pediatrics And, just like that…March is here! Hope y’all have stayed warm and enjoyed the extra family […]
Your nutrition sets the terrain of your body. Why is it that two people can plant the same seeds in […]
Many of our SHINE families drive a great distance to see us here. Sometimes it is because they have not […]
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At SHINE we are growing and want our patients to have the best care. That also means having the best […]
Update as of 6/23/21 We are very excited to announce we are finally able to bring our patients TytoCare for […]
For the past 12 years, I have seen many families know very little of their child's health history.
PANDAS Article – Dallas Child Magazine By: Randy Naidoo M.D., FAAP, ABIHM The human brain is full of complex actions involving […]
Nutrition is becoming a lost art in medicine. In years past, many times before we had the numerous medications and surgical options, your diet was the way to alter the physiology of the human body.