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March at Shine Pediatrics And, just like that…March is here! Hope y’all have stayed warm and enjoyed the extra family […]
Electromagnetic Pollution: Invisible electro-magnetic emissions are an inevitable consequence of electricity, electronic and wireless technology. We are immersed in electro-pollution.
Parents, go to the Vaccine Adverse Events Response System (VAERS) website. The researchers, manufacturers, and government will not know unless you report it.
There has been a significant amount of attention in the news regarding the influenza virus, and the effect it is causing in our community.
There are still more questions than answers with the flu vaccine. The Cochrane Database came out with a great paper in the fall of 2012 notifying the medical community
At each well visit and pertinent sick child visits, we discuss vaccines and those recommended by The Centers For Disease Control (CDC)
If you are interested in exemption from Immunizations for Reasons of Conscience Affidavit Form, please read here.
We hope that our practice from its inception in October has provided families with another choice, in pediatric healthcare for your child.