Shine’s 2013 Outlook for the Year

Jan 01, 2013

Category: Child Safety General Health

By: Randy Naidoo M.D.

We hope that our practice from its inception in October has provided families with another choice, in pediatric healthcare for your child. One that has the capability to care for our next generation in a manner that is not “cookie cutter” or an “assembly line” approach. We hope that we will continue to foster methods and processes that will allow us to care for each of you in a manner that understands your child the best.  We hope to continue to reach DFW metroplex families who seek more explanation to their child’s illness than just providing “another prescription”.

We hope to validate concerns and “motherly instincts” and not give the same old adage, “they are fine”.  Sometimes things are not fine and the earlier we intervene, the better the foundation for your child. We look forward to engaging with you in a different way as we take advantage of technology and use social media, smartphones, and laptops as a way to better connect with our families. 

 Dr Naidoo has three children and understands the demands on the family in the 21st century. We want to make your experience at SHINE PEDIATRICS a comfortable and organized one, minimizing the stress of visiting the doctor’s office.  We hope to communicate with you effectively and adapt to the needs of our families while not overhauling the entire office.  We ask that you be a patient with us in the next year as growth will be anticipated. We will continue to seek staff that understands the needs of our families and that “holistic” medicine by its very definition is one of patience.  SHINE PEDIATRICS will never be a “quick fix solution”.


  • We will focus on minimal interventions in the first years of life when the body does not need to be manipulated as vast amounts of “hard wiring” is taking place with regard to brain and other organ systems that are rapidly developing.
  • We want to have a meaningful dialogue about “vaccines” and understand the relevance of them in your particular child’s unique setting.
  • We want to engage with your children in their social arenas and advocate for them.  We want to continue to promote safety for our youth.
  • We want children to have the best opportunities to “soak up” the world around them.  We will focus on nutrition. We want our young athletes to have the best nutrition as they compete in their youth sports. We want to give them the edge.
  • We want the student in our child to succeed to their utmost capacity wherever that ceiling may be. 
  • We want our children with behavior or neurological issues to have an advocate in the classroom and in their IEPs and 504 plans.
  • We want parents to feel empowered and not rushed into choices they are not comfortable with at the present time.
  • We want to promote both fathers and mothers in the home.  We feel healthy homes need environments where one parent can have a short rest from the grind of life.  For our single parent families, we hope to engage with you in a manner that will facilitate some “rest” in your busy life.
  • We want to advocate for our children to NOT NEED more medications than their parents. We want to give you the ability to get to the root of the issue if possible and if not, be able to provide several options for improving health where medications may be a necessary option.

We want our families to have a choice in pediatric healthcare.  We want your child to have a choice in being healthy. We will strive to give the individual attention that we hope separates being a child and being a “A CHILD THAT SHINES”!  Happy New Year 2013!