Ego and Spirit

Nov 29, 2012

Category: General Health

The Relevance to the Medical Community

By: Randy Naidoo, M.D.

Why do we get sick? It is true that each one of us may be biologically vulnerable or predisposed to certain diseases but this does not mean that we have to get the disease in our lifetime. In fact, it is possible for us to go through life having a biological predisposition for a specific disease and yet never get this disease. So the question is: ‘what is the difference between those of us who are able to stay healthy and those of us who get sick?’ The answer is Ego. It is the behaviors, the beliefs and the values of the ego that press the trigger on the disease. Here’s how this happens. When our ego is in control of our lives we become defensive, arrogant, judgmental and self-righteous. We are constantly in a combative, confrontational, egoistic relationship with others and with life in general. Ego causes us to experience high levels of stress, which in turn, upsets the balance of our biochemistry. When we respond to the world with ego we will release all kinds of unhealthy chemicals into the body and the brain. Without ego we are in harmony with others and with life, we respond to every situation with openness and humility and we are in touch with a larger purpose for our lives. When we engage with the world in this way we are responding with SPIRIT. This is where our health lies. When our spirit is strong, we feel good and this stimulates the release of important chemicals which give us health and wellness. Ego does not feel the kind of passion, happiness and joy that spirit feels. This is why ego makes us sick.

In my practice of medicine, defining healing and cure is very important. I have seen patients with a very terminal prognosis be truly happy and fulfilled and I have seen those who are very healthy believe they have serious diseases or problems with their health. I say all this to emphasize this one point, life is a balance between health and disease. Our practice is not premised on idealism where if you eat everything right and take all the right supplements and medications and see your doctor for your checkups that life will be free of disease. No, we at SHINE know the human body will deal with disease but the more relevant question and response, How does my patient’s family perceive this current situation and how do I as the practitioner making the management and therapeutic decisions perceive the situation? Is the patient’s family operating from a place of ego vs spirit, and am I, the practitioner, operating from ego or spirit? When you, the parent, and I, the pediatrician, work from the SPIRIT, we will make the best decisions for your child to SHINE.


Randy Naidoo, M.D.