Flu Considerations 2013

Nov 04, 2013

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Flu Considerations 2013

By Randy Naidoo, M.D.

FLU SEASON IS APPROACHING (please read below and make an appointment if necessary to discuss further). 

Shine Family, we have parents all across the board when it comes to vaccines and we respect each and every decision that you make for your child. We will continue to help you navigate through the numerous vaccines on the current schedule.

  • We now have Fluzone for children 6-36 months in the single dose 0.25 ml without Thimerosal and we have about 20 doses remaining
  • We have FluMist which does contain ovalbumin which may pose a problem for our egg allergy patients but is approved for children 2 years and up and is not an invasive procedure. Kiddos like that!
  • FluZone for children >36 months in a single dose at 0.5 ml without Thimerosal and we have 100 doses. 

We also have natural products which like our current vaccines do not offer 100% protection but in some instances, may offer the immune support to help lessen the effect of the virus. Such things as Influenzinum by Boiron, Oscillococcinum, herbal remedies, and essential oils offer another approach to supporting health during the flu season and affecting our immune system in a positive manner.

There are still more questions than answers with the flu vaccine. The Cochrane Database came out with a great paper in the fall of 2012 notifying the medical community that the vaccine may not be as effective as once thought for children less than 2 years old and our route of administration needs to be studied further in older children. 

While no particular measure will be perfect to prevent the flu, we do ask that you wash your hands and if your child is having a runny nose with fever >101 along with sore throat or decreased appetite with possible muscle aches and pain, keep them out of school. If you bring them to our office, have them wear a mask to prevent spreading the virus to others. Take your immune support with Vitamin D, Elderberry (please ask us which brand to use), Vitamin C, several essential oils (ask us), homeopathics (ask us) that will offer the most comprehensive approach to flu management. 

Please, if you do get the flu vaccine, then develop flu-like symptoms, and think you DO NOT have the flu. THIS IS NOT GOOD. Your child must be seen if they do not look well. PLEASE DO NOT ASSUME you do not have the flu because you had the vaccine. This thinking may cause you or your child to become gravely ill because you have delayed care and not supported their immune system or caught an early pneumonia or serious sinus or ear infection. Please keep in mind that most serious complications from the flu virus are due to the secondary bacterial infections as our immune system is compromised. When ill, rest and do not over extend the family during the holidays, get plenty of fluids to allow for proper blood flow during illness, and ensure whole food nutrition is emphasized as processed foods create another unnecessary burden on the body during illness. 

If you have any further questions, please make an appointment to talk with Dr Naidoo, NP Potter or NP Drain to discuss your choices. We look forward to caring for your family this cough and cold season.