Vaccine Information Statements (VIS) Forms

Apr 01, 2013

Category: Child Safety General Health

By: Randy Naidoo M.D.

Parents and Guardians:

At each well visit and pertinent sick child visits, we discuss vaccines and those recommended by The Centers For Disease Control (CDC) and American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) which we are in full agreement.   

Click on link for all VIS Forms:

We make it clear what your child’s immunization status should be and how much your child is deviating from the standard of care. We will educate you on catch up schedules and how that in some instances will mean less doses than if your child started immunizations at 2 months old. Each vaccine has an information sheet created by the CDC. This sheet is mandated by federal law to be available to the parent/guardian before vaccine administration and also ensuring you have access to this information when you leave the office.  This post will help facilitate you have continued access to it.