The Future of Telemedicine is at SHINE

Update as of 2/8/21

We are very excited to announce we are finally able to bring our patients Tytocare for your home!

Those who have already pledged to a device were already contacted about receiving their device. Tytocare is currently shipping them to us and we will get them back out to those that have ordered. If your family did not originally pledge, but would like to participate in this, you can do so by going to this google form:

Last week we sent an email to our patients about Tytocare, a telehealth device that provides the capability of performing physical exams from home with integrity of a proper ear, eye, throat, lung, heart and abdominal exam.

If you have had a chance to review that email, you know that we mentioned:

Shine will need to incur substantial expenses upfront by purchasing the devices in bulk, therefore, we need our families support us in this endeavor. We are not looking at venture capitalists or further loans for our practice. Financial freedom allows us to deliver the best and honest care to our youth. We are asking each family who is able to pledge a one time amount of $500 to a device. This device can be used for all family members who come to SHINE. Once we have a minimum of 200 pledges, we will purchase these devices and integrate them with the telemedicine platform that we currently have.

In order to pledge now, go to by October 15, 2020 enter your child’s chart # (found on a previous bill- or text us at 469-333-3211 and we will send it to you) and pay the $500 amount. We will hold these funds for your family’s reservation of a device. We will notify you when SHINE reaches enough pledges.

You can also use your HSA card to pay for a TYTO device.

We are still looking for more pledges! We would appreciate your pledge today so we can begin this enhancement to our telemedicine program.

We also want to share our most frequently asked questions and their answers:

Q. Are you still offering in office visits?
A. Yes! We are open Monday-Friday please call or text us to schedule a visit. Text: 469-333-3211 Call:469-333-1543

Q. Would normal copays/charges occur as usual with each use? Is it basically treated like a sick appt from our home? Or will the cost/charge be different?
A. The visit will work similarly to the current zoom visits, we would collect copays in advance and run it through insurance. The device is just a way for us to have a more thorough diagnosis.
The cost will remain relatively similar to an in-office visit. In addition, some in-office testing may be recommended as needed. You can participate in well and sick visits via telemed with this device but the costs will look the same. It should, however, save a significant amount of time.

Q. For the $500, is each family purchasing a device for their own family (the $500 will be for a device that won’t be shared with other families and each family can keep their own device)? Or is the $500 shared with everyone else’s $500, and then all the devices will be owned by Shine and shared with everyone?
A. Yes that is correct, purchasing the device will allow you to own the device and use it for your family. We will wait until we receive 200 pledges to order and if we do not reach the # of pledges you will receive a full refund.

Q. Why is the device this price? Can you explain the cost? I have seen a lower cost for the device on the internet.
A. Purchasing the device through us ensures that you have a device connected with Shine, and the primary goal is to be able to provide most types of visits (including well checks) through this platform. Any additional cost to the device is to help set up this infrastructure to provide integrative medicine virtually.
If the device is purchased elsewhere, Shine will charge a one-time fee of $200. This covers the licensing and other administrative costs.

Q. Can this be used by multiple families? Like if it’s too expensive for 1 family to purchase alone, could 2-3 families purchase one and share?
A. Yes that is a very economical idea and the system will allow for that. You can feel free to coordinate with other families as needed. One representative would pledge for the device and be the “owner” but would be free to share as needed. I can see there may be an issue if a sick visit comes up and one family needs it, or one is on vacation may be a problem. But if you can work that out, then that would be a very cool idea.

Q. If for some reason we have to use a different provider, can the Tytocare device be used with multiple providers?
A. Assuming that you mean another office or an adult provider….The device would be able to be used for another provider if they participate in Tytocare, however, there is an ongoing fee to the providers that choose to use the device and platform to do telehealth. So I am not sure if they would charge a separate administrative fee. Tytocare support has informed me that you could set up a new account for each provider that you see (if they participate in the program).

Q. Has Dr. Naidoo actually used this device and knows that it works as well as the demo makes it looks?
A. We have been using this device in office for several months on our lactation patients and the medical provider is still able to “see” them in office. Dr. Naidoo has been reviewing the patients and has even detected things that required further follow up, in other words he feels confident in the abilities of this device to be of great quality.

Q. Is this covered by insurance? Any way I could verify before investing?
A. We are not sure which insurance companies might cover this device, have not heard of any at this time. However, HSA/FSA funds will cover. Feel free to reach out to your insurance provider for details.

Q. Are there any future costs you anticipate on our part such as updates, maintenance, etc?
A. We are trying to mitigate any future costs, and do not anticipate any at this time. If the device was broken, lost, or stolen it would be the patient’s responsibility to replace. Tytocare will provide us with a limited manufacturer warranty as well and ongoing customer support through them

Q. Going to the website it seems like we could purchase these devices….so is the $500 we are giving you to reserve the one we would own?
A. Yes, the $500 allows us to be able to start the program, we are required to purchase a specific # of devices first in order for tytocare to contract with us and allow us the licensure, so we are asking our patients to commit before we make a large purchase. You would own the device you reserve.

Q. Which providers will we be able to see virtually? Are there specific providers that will only do telehealth?
A. This answer really depends on the adoption of this program in our patient population. We plan to have all providers use tytocare in their telehealth appointments as applicable going forward. This means appointments scheduled in advance could be with a provider of choice (subject to availability). As we have more families interested in using this, we plan to designate providers for days or times in order to accommodate more demand. 

Q. Will you continue to have same day visits available for telehealth like you do for sick visits?
A. Yes, we plan to keep slots of time reserved for same day sick, whether that is in office or through telehealth.

For any additional comments and questions about Tytocare, please email Alyssa directly at’s additional information on the Tytocare device, along with examples of its full functionality for examination.

With Tyto, a Shine provider can examine your heart, lungs, throat, ears, skin, abdomen, heart rate, and body temperature, and diagnose and treat many of the most common conditions, such as:

  • Ear infections
  • Cold and flu
  • Fever
  • Headaches
  • Eye irritation
  • Congestion
  • Sinus pain
  • Allergies
  • Sore throat
  • Coughs and upper respiratory issues
  • Bug bites and rashes
  • Constipation and stomach ache

Tytocare can also be used by your provider to monitor chronic conditions. You can view a demo video of the device below.

Here is Alyssa demonstrating the device in her home with her 5 year old son!
Here is the video from tytocare about how the device works

Thank you for being the best families to serve!


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