Supplement Sales, Disclosure, and Conflict of Interest

Mar 01, 2014

Category: General Health Nutrition

By: Randy Naidoo, M.D.

Points Of Emphasis:

1. Convenience for your family after a visit in our office and compliant care. 

2. Ensuring brands and class of nutrition and immune support is readily available 

3. Keeping cost at a minimum when compared to what is available from other sources.

4. As a parent or guardian, you have a choice in non-prescription and prescription medications. If you have a question about another brand or class of medications, please make your provider aware. 

5. Using a brand or class of medication or supplement which we did not discuss is not considered negligence or liability to the providers of Shine Pediatrics and Wellness Center, P.A. 

6. Disclosure from Providers: 

  • Randy Naidoo M.D. – Doterra Independent Product Consultant and Juice Plus Distributor
  • Christie Potter CPNP – Dottera Independent Product Consultant 
  • Tiffany Hamilton FNP- Juice Plus Distributor